Purchase Process

The purchase process is as follows, log in to bakemysweetday.com and subscribe in our store if you like. By subscribing, you get a 10% discount on your first purchase. Look for the items you want to buy, pick the size and the quantity of the item you want to buy and place “save” them in the "cart".

We have several payment methods such as cards, PayPal, and ATH Móvil. If you choose ATH Móvil as payment method, you will make your purchase as normal. Once you placed the order, you must go to your ATH Móvil app on your phone and make the payment. The number for the payment is 787-678-4325 Cynthia Díaz. As soon as your order is paid, we will begin to work on the order to ship it as soon as possible. Bake My Sweet Day will process each request in the order they have been placed.

We have different shipping options like regular mail (USPS), DHL, UPS, etc. If you choose regular mail (USPS) it has several options, First Class, or Priority Mail. First Class takes 5-7 days. Priority takes 3-4 days.

**If you choose Priority Mail does not mean that your order will arrive in 3 days!!**

If you pay Priority Mail that means that your order will take 3 days to deliver. Bake My Sweet Day has a processing and shipping policy. It consists of process and ship each order withing a period of no more than 10 calendar days. In addition of the time that the Post Office takes to deliver, will give you an idea of how long your package will be delivery.